Weeds Season 6 Episode 2

Weeds - S 2 E 6 - Crush Girl Love Panic - video dailymotionWeeds - S 2 E 6 - Crush Girl Love Panic

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Weeds has steadily gained live viewers from season to season. Weeds has lasted eight seasons because viewers are addicted to the drama and comedy that Weeds producers deal out every year. In the eighth season premiere, the victim receives urgent medical attention after being shot. In the later episodes, valiant hearts the great war Jill returns with Shane and Andy. Our gracious partner Showtime is providing the full episode streaming online for a limited time only so watch it while you can!

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Jill explains that Shane took pictures on his phone of her having sex with Andy. Andy and Jill are interrupted by Jill's husband. Nancy re-hires Lupita as a nanny. Andy suggests that Nancy is angry because she secretly likes him and she makes a weak denial.

Andy attempts to bond with Jill's daughters. Andy suggests that the family flee to Copenhagen, Denmark and confesses his love to Nancy.

At that moment, Pilar is whacked in the head by an unseen third party and ends up floating face down in the pool, bleeding profusely from the head. Silas and Shane both start their new jobs. Doug makes it more important to keep his hedge fund up and running. Kohan also expressed hope that the show would be renewed. Nancy visits Dean to get her affairs in order and then has a sushi and whiskey lunch.

Start your free trial now. Adelita, Esteban's oldest daughter, arrives from Paris. Nancy visits Audra's clinic and complains of being surrounded by the smell of men. Shane and Angela attempt to retrieve some stolen property. Doug tells Celia that Nancy put together a pot sales team in Agrestic.

Nancy plans a family dinner. Deputy police chief Jones grants them permission to open the store but extorts them for money. Unable to sell the makeup, Celia gets Dean to give her the pot and starts selling it packaged with the cosmetics. Andy begins a relationship with Dr.

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With nowhere else to go, she ends up squatting in Nancy's garage, where she finds the body of the missing bodyguard. Shane figures out who shot his mother.

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He changes his mind after a disastrous date with Audra, who insults his immaturity and lack of accomplishment. Elsewhere, Andy, Silas and baby Stevie sit at a nearby diner, formulating ideas on how to help Nancy out. Faced with the aftermath of Shane having murdered Pilar, Nancy grabs Shane and Silas and they flee the scene. Shane uses his superior intellect to make some extra cash at the police academy. Andy has resolved to propose marriage to Audra.

Silas tries to win Emma back after a falling out over business. Adelita Reyes throws a party at Esteban's house. Pilar arranged for his arrest, and is blackmailing him into becoming her political puppet. Silas continues to wrestle with the fact that Lars may be his father. When they arrive there, Shane video records Jill and Andy having sex.

Nancy then incapacitates Ignacio and holds both of them hostage. Andy announces that he is going to propose to Audra, with his mother's ring, previously given to Nancy by her late husband Judah. Meanwhile, Silas must decide whether to stay with Lars or leave with the Botwins. Nancy confronts Andy over his having sex with Jill.

Mary-Louise Parker stars as Nancy Botwin, a suburban widow who begins selling marijuana to support her family. Meanwhile, Doug's homeless group threatens to leave him if he doesn't begin catering to their needs.

Consequently, Silas must leave behind the dream of college life. Meanwhile, Celia gets a job as a home sales representative for a cosmetics company.

They grapple with the tragedy, and hypothesize on the shooter's identity. In order to keep up appearances, Nancy turns to selling cannabis.