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It's not about getting her to fuck others, and if you've reached the pt where you're thinking exclusivity, then she shouldnt be fucking others anyway. It's not too early, it's not too late, and discussions about exclusivity have nothing to do with gender. Emphasize that there's no pressure for him to declare exclusivity, but just set that boundary and stick to it assuming that is a boundary you want. It's perfectly fine for you to want exclusivity and I'd focus on that word over commitment. You say that you don't want him dating anyone else, after four dates, I think you shouldn't be in that state of mind.

It sub communicates terrible things and sets a terrible frame for the subsequent relationship. In the other case, it hurts, but it also resolves things in a way that's very much needed. Since I really like this guy and don't want to see things end, I've just avoided the whole conversation.

Take a deep breath, relax, and stop using your imagination to make things look worse. It's also okay if he doesn't want the same thing.

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You haven't been straight with me on your commitment. We text every day, but rarely speak on the phone. In the past, I made the mistake of taking things too far too fast, thinking that a guy would like that and it usually backfires.

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If he doesn't bring up exclusivity eventually, inquire as to what he's looking for in terms of a relationship. Plus, just in general, is three months too early to bring up exclusivity? Yeah, but that would be weird no matter what gender would bring it up. Should she bring up exclusivity? Eventually she will like you enough and hint or ask for exclusivity or the title.

One of them displays a confident man who is good with women and the other displays an insecurity that you are threatened by the fact that she may be dating around or keeping her options open. We're still getting to know each other obviously, but I like him a lot and I'm not interested in dating anyone else. But for right now, given how early you two are in the dating phase, I think it's perfectly reasonable if he doesn't know yet whether he wants to have an exclusive relationship with you. We are basically seeing each other and I can say both agree with that, pretty sure she isn't seeing anyone else and is committed to just dating me. Maybe your guy's the same.

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Do you want to be exclusive? And few women can risk putting themselves out there to get rejected. See again, here is where guys go wrong.

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Be open to the possibility that he may want something different. What does she want me to commit to? There is a big difference between claiming a woman as your gf and asking her not to sleep with other people. Do you want to meet his friends? It doesn't have to be anything fancy.

For that reason alone, I would think it is time to talk. That's just being manipulative by indirectly gunning to make someone feel a certain way.

Work on this before you start worrying about having a big talk about commitment. Just let her know that you like her and that you enjoy her company and you want to see where she stands. If you have to, it's because you're overcompensating for a lack of options naturally. The weekend after finding out this tidbit of info, he went out of state to visit a friend from college, who is a girl a very sweet girl who I met at a party a month or so back. Does it mean you see each other every day?

The risk is when you're not being honest and following what you want, the girl may be running scenarios in her mind of why you haven't brought it up. You don't really say anything about how you feel about him, except that when you're with him, you don't speak very much due to nerves. When I ask a girl to be my gf, it's not me asking her. When I ask the guys, they tell me they want to know if we have chemistry. Bring it up when it's a still a relatively small thing, vin decoder free europe dating not some big horrible huge thing that requires The Commitment Talk.

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Don't lessen your standards or suppress your desires just to appease him. Being direct and forthcoming is scary. What happens at three months? You want to know how serious it is, have a chat about it.

You deserve to get it, but from the right guy. You can just be who you are and the man is either going to want to be with you or not. She explained that she did some digging about his past and found out through a mutual friend that her maybe-exclusive boyfriend got out of a long relationship shortly before asking her out. That means being affectionate, initiating meetings and fun dates, having a wonderful time with her. After he brought me home from the date, I wondered what the next time would be like.

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How do you feel about that? Another girl may like you more than the other girl, and may actually deny sex because she thinks she would lose you. You'll probably figure out if he's a disrespectful ass way before then though, so don't worry too much about that scenario. He then took me home and on the way home suggested that we spend his birthday together at my place. It just feels way too premature to me.