Words I Never Said Lupe Fiasco

Murdering is not Islam, and you are not observant. He is exposing the goverment and secretly talking about a secret society called the illiminati he means that everything is so fake all the goverment want is money.

Protect it with every feather on the wings So even when it hurts, you'll never feel a thing Said it's a cold cold war Ain't nobody wins like the government In the U. Lupe Fiasco Or is it something they can never believe? Lupe Fiasco had announced on Twitter that the album was complete and was waiting for Atlantic Records to release it. Great song, kenyan gospel music it's beautiful. It hurts to see so much fighting from us Christians saying Allah is not God satan gets us fightin amongst ourselves and I'm sure he laughs his head of!

It's still being argued and debated upon. We were literally at the point where all this music was done except for a couple songs that we did after the protest.


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The understanding of jihad as physical struggle for the religion of Islam is the third and probably the least common understanding. Who ever this actor is he is a major factor. And he sed on a interview that he was in the middle of his timeline.

He must be someone famous if he is mentioned in this song. But that was just me making assumptions. God is for everyone not only a certain religion. From then he postponed LupE.

It's so loud inside my head With words that I should have said As I drown in my regrets I can't take back the words I never said, never said I can't take back the words I never said. We want an end to status symbols dictating our worth as individuals. We will not lose because we are not losers, we are lasers! For other uses, see laser disambiguation.

Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said Lyrics

Languages Deutsch Italiano Edit links. This song is about all the things that are wrong in the world with a political view.

Like the song where he is shedding light on the blood diamond issue. He has also been under fire from the other end. We will be responsible for our environment. Hopefully the end ain't no albulm that he wrote two songs and the music co. In order to survive in the music business, you either have to play by their rules or know how to play both sides of the fence.

He thought that Obama should have spoken out against the Israeli bombings. Well, actually, not everyone feels so sure about that. Support The Vigilant Citizen on Patreon. We will not compromise who we are to be accepted by the crowd. Israel does not want to start any more wars and i don't think Islam does either.

His song about the third world blew me away! When the full audio was released, wordsineversaid was a trending topic on Twitter. The business of it got solved.

The video was filmed during a concert at Iowa State University. We want a meaningful and universal education system. Support The Vigilant Citizen on Patreon and get exclusive rewards. What would u christians do on judgement day when you find out that the muslim and christian God is one and the same? For the device, see laser.

Rap and hip-hop fans need to be politically active and take a stance regarding current social issues, not just drink Hennessy by the pool with their homies. Those who believe that the planes were not the only cause of the destruction generally think that the U. This song was dedicated to her grandfather who has died.

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Be a better christian or muslims. Complain about the gloom, but when'd you pick a broom up? Beer Can't Fix Thomas Rhett.

Get a list of all the new and old songs with lyrics of lupe fiasco words i never said directly from our search engine and listen them online. It's so loud inside my head With words that I should have said As I drown in my regrets I can't take back the words I never said. What does Words I Never Said mean?

The concept of jihad is primarily internal, exercised through prayer and other forms of personal religious practice. You may think waiting for Jesus to come and save us all is the way to go, but I'm not going to wait for that if it ever happens. Obama was silent on the topic, and George Bush's office tried to distance itself from that particular war.

This interpretation has been marked as poor. The guests confirmed were Trey Songz and British rapper Sway.

We need to look back towards these lyrics because they actually mean something. Political hip hop conscious hip hop. The climate of this record was very weird, in some instances surreal. This song is all about what's wrong in this world and how everybody is blaming everyone on their own problems. And it's something that is successful, not in selling records, but the way it moves people and inspires them to do better for themselves.